Company History

West River Conveyors and Machinery Company...

has a 35-year history of providing quality, affordable, top-notch equipment for our customers. Founded in 1981 as West River Machinery Company, we were established to manufacture conveyor systems and rebuild mining equipment. During the early years, we rebuilt all types of mining equipment with pieces of conveyor systems involved in the rebuild process. From there, we began to build brand new, quality belt drives and other conveyor components. Our competitive price and quality products have given us an advantage in the conveyor and conveyor component manufacturing market.

Over the years, we have extended our manufacturing business to include the buying and selling of used conveyor parts and speed reducers. We are one of few companies worldwide who specialize in replacement parts for gearboxes. In the early 1980's, we began to purchase used speed reducers and have gradually enhanced our inventory to include hundreds of speed reducers in a variety of brands, models, ratios, and horsepower. In 2000, we put our entire parts inventory online to make it easier for our customers to search our products and parts offerings.

West River Conveyors and Machinery Company experienced steady growth in the beginning in both the conveyor component manufacturing business and the used parts business. In the late 1990's, it was evident that our need to consolidate our operations from four locations to one was necessary for future growth. In order to better serve our customers, we purchased 50+ acres of land in 2000 to consolidate our four locations into one.

Below are some pictures of the old Consol Energy property that West River Conveyors purchased in 2000 prior to the renovations and updates.

Merging the locations together has allowed for further expansion of our business — from buying more inventory to adding to our manufacturing space. After two years of renovations and additions to the property, we began fully functioning in our new and improved location in 2002.

The move to our new location was a milestone because it has allowed us to serve our customers better and more efficiently, expand our manufacturing space to produce more equipment and have all of our operations — from the business office to manufacturing — onsite. Over the past four years, we have added three additional buildings for warehousing and manufacturing. We now have more than 100,000+ square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space.