Parts Inventory

Surplus Parts Catalog

West River offers a wide range of surplus new and used conveyor equipment parts including hundreds of unique speed reducers and housings, couplings, gearing, sprockets, backstops, bearings, pulleys, and much more.

The following parts are available via our online parts inventory.

Backstops by manufacturer, model and bore size

Fluid Couplings by manufacturer, model, connection type, motore bore, and reducer bore

Reducers/Gearboxes by ratio, manufacturer, model, RPM, and horsepower

Reducer Gearing by manufacturer, model and teeth

Shaft Mount Reducers by manufacturer and model

For availability and pricing on our online inventory parts or pulleys, bearings, motors, rollers & idlers and conveyor structure and other unique conveyor component parts, please call 800-332-2781 or Contact Us today.