Shaft-Mounted Reducer Belt-Driven Drives

Conveyor Belt Drives

The Shaft Mounted Reducer Belt Driven Drive is the use of a shaft mounted reducer, such as Dodge or Falk, attached to the input pulley shaft with a tapered bushing. A v-belt or cog belt from the motor to the reducer input shaft is used. This type of drive has many of the same features as the Alignment Free Drive and is commonly used for 150HP drives and lower due to the availability of the reducer.

Benefits of the Shaft Mounted Reducer Belt Driven Drive:

  • low speed side alignment accomplished because the bushing rigidly attaches to the shaft
  • high speed side alignment accomplished with simple tools and can be done in minutes
  • uses common components that are easily replaced minimizing downtime
  • reduces need for spare parts inventory

We can provide the Shaft Mounted Reducer Belt Driven Drive in a variety of belt widths and desired horsepower/voltage.