Take Up Units

West River builds...

new Hydraulic Take-Up Units in a variety of sizes. As conveyor systems lengthen, maintaining stable belt tension is necessary. One option for maintaining stable belt tension is to install take-up units at multiple locations along the conveyor belt to prevent excessive belt sag. The 20/40 hydraulic take-up is the most common but we can offer different lengths based on your needs.We build take-ups with a variety of options including cylinder selection and travel length/belt storage. Our heavy-duty, rigid frames can withstand the most rugged applications.


  • Extends the life of conveyor belts
  • Assists smooth start-up of unit by decreasing slippage
  • Useful belt storage feature allows for ease of belt splicing if needed
  • West River's take-up units are built with heavy-duty shafts, pulleys and split-house bearing

West River's competitively-priced take-up units are available in any desired belt width to work with your application. Please fill out the form below to learn how West River can help with your take-up needs.